Buried a phenomenal person yesterday. A lifelong scholar and teacher (aka “Miz Amme”), an ever-present mother, grandmother and great-grandmother (aka “Mema”) and one of my personal role models, Jane Amme, departed last weekend, at the impressive age of 85 — but still long before her friends, colleagues, and family would have liked.

I identified with Jane because, like I did, she lived a significant portion of her life in a house of boys. She also was a great teacher, as I aspire to be.

I loved Jane for three reasons (besides her delicious food):

1. Jane was smart, perceptive, no-nonsense…

My grandma passed away, just before Christmas, with complications from COVID-19. Despite her impressive age, I was not ready. We lost her much too soon. I had dreamed of drafting an obituary with, not for her. Even more than my rosy memories of perfection with her as a child, I cherished my relationship with her in her later years. Throughout our journey together, I loved her, and I liked her. I learned from her. On more than one occasion, I nursed her back to health. Different from my early dependence on her, she grew to depend on me. From her…

Media organizations with a large readership (or viewership) are powerful.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Individual media organizations are, and must be, open to critique.

Critiquing the “media” at large is nonsensical.

Media organizations are made up of journalists, who are people.
Journalists make mistakes, and fact-checkers correct them.
A media organization without both journalists and fact-checkers is not a media organization.


This poem was inspired by Biden-Harris ̶f̶o̶r̶ is president.

“Picking up Poop” after a fire

Last week, I wrote a short piece especially aimed toward undecided voting Christian women. I raised concerns about right-wing Evangelical literature which has built a small fortune off the Trump presidency and yet, according to their tax returns, paid its women contributors $0. I pointed out the hypocrisy of voting for Trump with the image of Christ in mind: Christ was a non-materialistic, feminist figure. Another pressing fact, however, which is relevant not only to women: is that Christ’s image carries a love for immigrants which the Trump platform disregards. …

I am writing this letter to undecided, voting Christian women in the upcoming November 2020 election. I frame it especially in counter to a recent message from Evangelical Christian leader, James Dobson, widely shared by Sunday School group leaders — especially by several women I know and love — all over the United States.

Dobson calls on his “800,000 readers” to disregard the “rhetoric, tone, style, or likeability” of a candidate, and — without mentioning Trump — implicitly endorses him.

My general appeal against the Christian vote for Trump is that support for the Trump platform has neglected the very…

Mary Shiraef

PhD Student in political science at the University of Notre Dame and Founder of the COVID Border Accountability Project (COBAP) Team. Thoughts are her own.

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